Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Trip Trivia

I can hardly believe it's been over a month since I posted here. It seems like yesterday. A lot has happened during that time, including a trip to Oklahoma to visit family members. Had a great visit, in spite of the earthquake, horrendous rain, thunder and lightning storm, tornado watch and an accident which put my brother in the hospital.

I flew into Wichita, Kansas, then rented a car to drive to my hometown in Oklahoma. The trip on the road to Oklahoma was.....mmmmm...eventful. I had reserved an economy car. It was $20 more than when I first started checking the internet, so I called the rental car company and asked for a discount. The agent couldn't get me anything less than what I was quoted on the web. When I told him I was a Costco member he told me to call them for a better price. No luck, but then I was told to take my Costco card with me and I might be able to get a discount in Wichita. Well, I forgot to take my card, but there was a cute young guy at the counter and he gave it to me anyway. Must like older women. Then he told me he was going to do something for me that would make me really love him. I could hardly wait! I had reserved an economy. He upgraded me to a Malibu ltz.

I looked over the dashboard to see what I needed to know before I started. Then I tried to put the car into gear with the lever at the right side of the steering wheel just like my Ford. The wind shield wipers went on. So I used the gear shift on the floor! When I left the airport I turned on the street I needed to be on, but in the wrong direction so I turned around and went back. In the meantime the car was getting hotter and hotter inside. I couldn't figure out how to turn the heater off in traffic so I turned down an exit and parked. There was a thermometer that showed it was 83 degrees inside the car and a blue 'down' arrow. I turned that sucker down to 60!

Finally left Wichita and headed for Oklahoma, all relaxed and cool. I got to a toll booth, rolled the window down, grabbed the ticket and put the pedal to the metal. Then I couldn't get the window rolled up. I thought if I pushed one side of the button it would go down. If I pushed the other side it would go up. Wrong! Then I accidentally pushed the wrong button and the back window went down. I couldn't look down to push buttons and look at the road, too. I soon had all the windows down. So here was this little old lady driving down the highway at 75 miles an hour with the Kansas wind whippin' through her hair. I finally found an exit where I could pull off and, hopefully, pull into the advertised gas station to park and figure all this out. No gas station in sight...just another toll booth so I pulled off the side and found that if I pushed down the windows went down. If I pulled up they went up. DUH! There were no cars coming so I decided it was a good time to just make a u turn and head back to the highway.

So I turned on the windshield wipers.

By that time I was laughing so hard tears were coming into my eyes. I went rolling down the highway laughing all by myself like a crazy woman. (no comment, please). Next time I'll tell the agent to just give me a car that isn't smarter than I am.