Thursday, December 29, 2011

Almost 2012!!

Where did December go? I've been so busy I hardly remember the last few weeks. I have been creating new items to list on etsy as well as trying to get ready for Christmas with family, which by the way hasn't happened yet. Hubby had surgery on December 19th. Can you imagine a surgeon scheduling a surgery six days before Christmas? So we're celebrating Christmas and New Year together this weekend.

I'm expanding my glass garden art hobby to include more home decor items. I've been making candle holders for battery operated candles; also dessert and cake plates. You can see them in my etsy shop and I'll be listing more soon. It's so much fun to search for items to create something a little different than what I've made previously.

I'm still into garden art. The photo of the garden lady shown below could be used outside or inside as home decor. I just love creating a little whimsy now and then.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Oh, Deer! Where's my dinner?

We had visitors in our yard...a doe and her fawn. They acted like they belonged there and they were happy to pose for me. When the doe climbed the tree with her front paws to dine from the bird feeder I was stunned, but not for long. I managed to get a couple good shots.

Hey, you weren't invited!

Where did the apples go?

OK. I'm ready for my after dinner portrait.