Tuesday, June 30, 2015

New Yard Stuff

I see my last post was April 7th.  So much for posting frequently.  No wonder I don't have much of a following.  Since DH's (Dear Hubby) last heart attack in February the days have slipped by with yours truly in a daze much of the time. His 6th one a year ago was hard to handle, but the 7th one 10 months later was devastating for both of us.  He's doing really well for the condition he's in.   Me??....not so good some days.  I'm going to try to get my act together and post some, hopefully, interesting information at least twice a week.  Would anyone like to hold my feet to the fire?!

We have a maple tree stump in our backyard at the edge of our dry river bed.  Great place for a potted plant.  So I found a shallow planter, wired an old metal hanging planter to the top of it and placed some plants in it.  I love doing things with stumps.  I wish we had more of these fir trees cut down.  I could do more stump art.  Here's a photo of the finished project.
DH decided that because I like fresh tomatoes so much he should plant more of them this year.  Tomatoes don't ripen very rapidly, if ever, in this cool NW climate so I helped him make a 'hothouse' of sorts.  Here is a photo.  Hope it works like it's supposed to.  He planted several tomato plants of various types. 
We have so much yard work to do that it's becoming overwhelming!  Neither of us can work like we used to.  We really need to come to terms with that and get some help.  We have a big yard.  No lawn to mow, but lots of bark mulch, rocks, shrubs, flowers, paths and dry river beds.  AND WEEDS!  They never stop coming up.  I pull one and two take it's place.