Sunday, June 17, 2012

Something New...Something Blue

I've been so busy creating my garden art and have enjoyed every minute of it....but I've been eager to try a few new projects, too.  Here is my newest non-garden art.  I want to try my hand at several craft items involving paper in all or part of the creation.

In this wall decor I crumpled tissue paper to use as the background.  I glued it to mat board cut to fit two thrift store wood frames that I painted blue.  Then I cut six white silk flowers in half and glued them at the tops of the tissue-covered mat board so they appear to be peeking out from under the frame.  Tiny rhinestones sparkle as flower centers.  I had found two Wedgewood plaques in a local thrift store.  I glued each one inside a frame onto the tissue paper covered background.  The one in the oval shape frame is off center for a little added interest. Hope that makes sense.  I put two screw eyes and picture wire onto the back of each frame  and they're ready to hang.

I plan to try lots of other paper crafts when summer is over and there's less demand for garden art so stay tuned.  

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Do you remember the hen & chicks/sedum planter that was one of my projects in September, 2011?  This is the way it looks now.  The wire planter is totally invisible.

As if October, 2012 we will have lived at this location five years.  We've been working on landscaping ever since.  We're getting old and tired. It's been slow going even though we've made a lot of headway from a bare building site to a yard almost full of shrubs, flowers, flowering trees and fruit trees.

The rhodys are blooming along the driveway,

as well as peonies....


snowball tree....

and ninebark.

Sometime in the next month I hope to finish a pathway that I've begun and start another one on the other side of the dry river bed.  Hubby built a 2' x 16' raised bed adjoining the front porch.  We've planted a dwarf rhody, a dwarf nandina, two cinquefoils, an evergreen azaela, two heathers and two geraniums.  The geraniums will spend the winter in the garage.  The cinquefoils are questionable for that bed.  I'll see how they look this winter.  I would like to have all, or mostly, evergreen plants there.

More to come so stay posted.  Now, please excuse me while I go take a couple of aspirins and rub my sore joints with arthritis salve.