Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday Faces

This isn't a face I found in nature or architecture.  It's one I made from a teapot.  Is that cheating?  I intended to post only faces that weren't made by the human hand, but I've been a little busy this week.  This garden guy has a body, but I'm only showing the face.  I really do enjoy painting these faces.  They take on a personality all their own.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fleeting Summer

We had a chilly, wet spring and beginning of summer this year.  We finally began to have several days in a row of up to 70 - 80 degrees and humid while most of the rest of the United States was sweltering in extreme heat. Now it's getting close to autumn.  So much for summer.

It’s nearly August
and summer has arrived,
hot and humid
after a wet, cold Spring.

Though perspiration
drips from the brow
like a trickling stream,
no grumbling permeates
the air, no heavy sighs.

Soon the autumn mist
will fill the valley.
Trees the color of jewels
will welcome September rains.

Bone chilling dampness
will fill the air
and there will be a yearning
for fleeting sultry summer days.
                            Laura Crumm 2012