Thursday, December 29, 2011

Almost 2012!!

Where did December go? I've been so busy I hardly remember the last few weeks. I have been creating new items to list on etsy as well as trying to get ready for Christmas with family, which by the way hasn't happened yet. Hubby had surgery on December 19th. Can you imagine a surgeon scheduling a surgery six days before Christmas? So we're celebrating Christmas and New Year together this weekend.

I'm expanding my glass garden art hobby to include more home decor items. I've been making candle holders for battery operated candles; also dessert and cake plates. You can see them in my etsy shop and I'll be listing more soon. It's so much fun to search for items to create something a little different than what I've made previously.

I'm still into garden art. The photo of the garden lady shown below could be used outside or inside as home decor. I just love creating a little whimsy now and then.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Oh, Deer! Where's my dinner?

We had visitors in our yard...a doe and her fawn. They acted like they belonged there and they were happy to pose for me. When the doe climbed the tree with her front paws to dine from the bird feeder I was stunned, but not for long. I managed to get a couple good shots.

Hey, you weren't invited!

Where did the apples go?

OK. I'm ready for my after dinner portrait.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Trip Trivia

I can hardly believe it's been over a month since I posted here. It seems like yesterday. A lot has happened during that time, including a trip to Oklahoma to visit family members. Had a great visit, in spite of the earthquake, horrendous rain, thunder and lightning storm, tornado watch and an accident which put my brother in the hospital.

I flew into Wichita, Kansas, then rented a car to drive to my hometown in Oklahoma. The trip on the road to Oklahoma was.....mmmmm...eventful. I had reserved an economy car. It was $20 more than when I first started checking the internet, so I called the rental car company and asked for a discount. The agent couldn't get me anything less than what I was quoted on the web. When I told him I was a Costco member he told me to call them for a better price. No luck, but then I was told to take my Costco card with me and I might be able to get a discount in Wichita. Well, I forgot to take my card, but there was a cute young guy at the counter and he gave it to me anyway. Must like older women. Then he told me he was going to do something for me that would make me really love him. I could hardly wait! I had reserved an economy. He upgraded me to a Malibu ltz.

I looked over the dashboard to see what I needed to know before I started. Then I tried to put the car into gear with the lever at the right side of the steering wheel just like my Ford. The wind shield wipers went on. So I used the gear shift on the floor! When I left the airport I turned on the street I needed to be on, but in the wrong direction so I turned around and went back. In the meantime the car was getting hotter and hotter inside. I couldn't figure out how to turn the heater off in traffic so I turned down an exit and parked. There was a thermometer that showed it was 83 degrees inside the car and a blue 'down' arrow. I turned that sucker down to 60!

Finally left Wichita and headed for Oklahoma, all relaxed and cool. I got to a toll booth, rolled the window down, grabbed the ticket and put the pedal to the metal. Then I couldn't get the window rolled up. I thought if I pushed one side of the button it would go down. If I pushed the other side it would go up. Wrong! Then I accidentally pushed the wrong button and the back window went down. I couldn't look down to push buttons and look at the road, too. I soon had all the windows down. So here was this little old lady driving down the highway at 75 miles an hour with the Kansas wind whippin' through her hair. I finally found an exit where I could pull off and, hopefully, pull into the advertised gas station to park and figure all this out. No gas station in sight...just another toll booth so I pulled off the side and found that if I pushed down the windows went down. If I pulled up they went up. DUH! There were no cars coming so I decided it was a good time to just make a u turn and head back to the highway.

So I turned on the windshield wipers.

By that time I was laughing so hard tears were coming into my eyes. I went rolling down the highway laughing all by myself like a crazy woman. (no comment, please). Next time I'll tell the agent to just give me a car that isn't smarter than I am.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Tueday's Treasury

My white plate glass flower was featured in this etsy treasury. The collections seen in these treasuries are so interesting. I love viewing them.

Friday, September 30, 2011

What To Do With Vintage.....

I have an antique brass hand mirror that has been lying around my house for years. The mirror was broken and I had thought I would replace it. Time went by and it continued to be one of my unfinished projects. I finally decided to put a vintage family photo in it rather than a mirror.

This photo is one of my Aunt Mrytle. Isn't she beautiful?

I put a plate hanger on it and hung it in my bathroom with a collection of mirrors.

Do you have an item that you have thought of using in your decor, but haven't gotten around to it yet? Maybe you should think some more. Think outside the box. Let me know what you come up with.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Is It Friday Already?

Where does the time go? Seems like it was Monday just yesterday. I have projects partially done inside and out. I almost have a new garden lady finished as well as a bird bath. Just can't seem to get them finished. Would working on them until each is completed work? Probably.

Last week I started laying a concrete slab path in our back yard. I ran out of the slabs, so that's another project that's partially done. I find that one problem is the fact that I'm getting older. Notice I said older, not old. Well, yeah, I've got to admit it. I'm old. An hour of heavy labor and I'm ready for a nap.

I would like to be able to stay home all day once in awhile. My dust bunnies are multiplying. Oh, well. Doesn't my title list 'daydreaming' before 'dust bunnies'? We all have our own priorities.

So much for the rambling. So how has your week been?

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Tropical Garden Lady

Of all the garden art I've made some of my favorites are the garden people. It's so much fun to make them come alive with facial features. This is one I made some time ago and she makes me smile every time I see her.

She has multiple uses. She can 'carry' fruit in the basket on her head. In this photo she has artificial grapes.

Or the metal basket can be a planter for sedums. She would also be a great candy dish. Whatever she's used for, she'll certainly be a conversation piece.

I have another one of these unique ladies almost finished. Photos to follow soon.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Etsy Treasury for Tuesday

If any of you aren't familiar with an etsy treasury, here's the scoop. A curator (that's me for this treasury) picks items from other etsy shops to feature in a treasury. It is not only fun to search for items that fit the curator's theme, but it's also a great tool for promoting other seller's wares. My latest treasury features items created by the Pacific Northwest Artisans team. What a great group of artisans! It's my pleasure to feature them here.

'Best of Northwest' by RecycleRoom

A tribute to the artisans of the Pacific Northwest.Pacific Northwest Artisans team


SALE Unique Long Ev...

Teal flower with pu...

Small Scalloped Tri...

Myrtlewood Chip and...

Sonora Sunrise Pend...

Vintage Cameo Ring ...

Sunrise of Horse In...

Borrendo Red Geode ...

50s Style Camilla A...

3 French Beaded Pin...

Amethyst and Citrin...

Exotic Burgandy Sil...

Lilac & Cream Bird ...

Fawn peeping throug...

Time is a two-edged...

Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Nest for Hen and Chickens

I've had this wrought iron planter for a couple years, thinking I would plant something spectacular. As I kept looking at it this summer I began to think 'succulents'. So yesterday I got out some hen & chicks that I pulled up from a friend's yard (with her permission of course). I lined the planter with a coco fiber liner. Then I decided where I wanted to place the hen & chicks around the sides. I cut holes in the liner where I wanted to insert them. I needed something to hold the plants in until they could grow new roots large enough to hold them in place. I had heard of using twist ties, but I didn't have any of those. I saw some corn husks that DH had thrown on the ground and the light bulb went on. They were pliable and tough enough to tie around the roots of the plants to hold them in place.

After the sides were filled in I filled the planter with potting soil, mounded it on top and planted hen & chicks along with other succulents that were coming up all over my yard. It still looks a little bare in spots, but I'm confident that it will soon fill in completely.

This was a time consuming project, but well worth the time. DH asked me at dusk if he needed to bring me a flashlight. He's so helpful! I finished just before dark...without the flashlight.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Back Again

Well, I haven't been on here for awhile because I've been trying to learn how to post an etsy treasury (more about that when I learn how to do it). In the meantime I've been slaving away at creating more garden art to post on etsy. I need to build up the inventory. Here are a few of the latest glass flower creations.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tuesday's Project

Where does the time go?  Between med appointments, volunteering, gardening  and general housework I've been trying to get some new garden art put together for my etsy shop as well as for my own use.  Last week a dear friend brought me nineteen plants from her beautiful gardens, all rooted and potted in little nursery pots just like downtown so DH and I did a lot of digging.  Thank you, Ann.  You're wonderful.

A couple of years ago somebody shared some of her large stash of stained glass with me.  I keep thinking I want to get into mosaics.  So far there have been too many other projects to keep me busy.  Last night I got out a wooden panel that I had found in a thrift shop.  It has a tree design made by little holes in the wood.  I glued various shades of stained glass pieces behind it for a colorful autumn effect.  Keep in mind that this is my first ever stained glass project.  I have a lot to learn about cutting glass, but I'm happy with it, warts and all.  As you can see there are slight gaps in the bottom of the trunk.  The white spots in the leaves are the way the camera saw it, not gaps.  I'm going to hang it on a trellis in a flower bed by my front porch.

For those of you who diligently read my blog (are there any of you out there), here's hoping you won't have to wait two weeks for my next post.    

Monday, August 1, 2011

Mundane Monday

The weekend is over and I'm sitting here with not a lot of jobs to least not anything that has to be done.  Except clean the refrigerator, the master bedroom, the bathrooms....  I think I'll work on my garden art.

It's so much fun to see these found objects come together to make a work of art.  My two latest creations are a new plate flower in cranberry red and a blue solar light.  I love the solar lights.  I can hardly wait to get started on some more.  I sold one on etsy and have the latest one listed there.  I want to eventually put a raised flower bed in front of our front porch and I'm considering putting handcrafted solar lights all along the front of it.  Here are the two that I sold and one for sale on etsy. 



Friday, July 29, 2011

Another TGIF

I had a routine mammogram today.  As I was sitting there in my waist length tissue paper gown (The women reading this know what I'm talking about.  The men can use their imagination) I had a brilliant idea.  I asked the technician if I could take the gown home to wear during my Weight Watcher's weigh-in.

The mammogram results were good.  Don't have to have 'em smashed for another six months.

We've been having beautiful, warm weather lately.  Maybe summer is finally here.  I keep telling people we shouldn't complain about the cold, wet spring/beginning summer that we had.  So much of the rest of the country is really suffering from the heat.  I remember those days in Oklahoma as I was growing up. At night I would put my bed against an open window and lie my head on the windowsill trying to get a smidgen of cool breeze.

It's been a great time here for working on our ongoing landscaping.  A friend let us dig some plants from her immense yard/garden.  Nearly every inch of her yard is planted in flowers and shrubs which her deceased husband planted.  He knew the name of every plant including the Latin names.

To my Oklahoma family members:  Keep cool!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Weigh-in Wednesday

I can hardly believe it's been nearly two weeks since I've been on here.  I was very busy getting garden art ready for a flea market last Saturday.  It's an annual event here in our little town.  I was told that this is the first year it has rained on the event since it started many years ago.  Sales weren't great, but I'm not complaining considering the weather. 

Today was the weekly Weight Watchers meeting.  I lost .4 of a pound regardless of the fact that I nearly wiped out a quart of ice cream a couple nights ago.  I had intended to eat one half cup, but it tasted so good that I had another....and another.....and another.  Then I was eating right out of the carton.  I quit when I put my spoon in and saw the bottom of the carton.  I didn't want to have to tell my husband that I totally consumed the ice cream.  

Have any of you had a 'can't stop eating' experience?  If so, wanna tell me about it?

Friday, July 8, 2011

My Belated Birthday Gift

When DH (Dear Hubby) asked me what I wanted for my birthday last February all I could think of was a pergola for grape vines.  He constructed it about a month ago when the weather began to cooperate somewhat.  He bought two cedar trellises for the ends; then built the rest of it.  I LOVE it!  We planted a grape vine at each end.  I laid concrete slabs (with the help of a friend who is much younger and more energetic that I am) underneath for my bistro table and chairs.  Here's the carpenter at rest.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Discount For All Bloggers

I'm offering 15% off all items in my etsy shop for all you bloggers out there.  Use discount code BLOGDISCOUNT.  Sale will end July 14th.  Excludes the orange swan reserved for Aimee.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wild Wednesday

What a morning!  I was so frustrated with my computer.  I think I was trying to do too many things on it at the same time and it went on overload.  In the meantime, while I was trying to fix the problem, my husband received an important call.  He wasn't in the house so I looked out all the doors and windows into the yard.  No sign of him.  I walked out into the garage in my stocking feet and saw him standing at the end of our long driveway.  I yelled....and yelled..., but no response.  I stepped out of the garage into wet my stocking feet...and yelled some more.  Finally got his attention.  When he left in response to the phone call, as I was still fighting my computer, the dog threw a fit to go out.  She was out for only a few minutes when she wanted back in through another door.  I let her in and she ran right back to the door where I had let her out.  I didn't know whether to kick my hubby or the dog.  Hubby wasn't here and I regained my sanity before I kicked the dog. Gave up temporarily on the computer.

I felt like I wanted to go to bed and wake up another day, but I had to go to my weekly Weight Watcher's meeting.  That's a whole other story.  I knew I wouldn't like what I saw on the weigh-in scale so I put on the lightest weight pants in my closet.  Then I weighed four of my tops on my postage scale to find out which one was the lightest.  By then I was really grasping at straws.  I took off my bra and put on a sweater over my light weight top, thinking no one would notice that I wasn't wearing a bra if I had the sweater off only during weigh-in.

I took off my sweater, my watch, cleaned the lint out of my navel (Scratch that last part.  A slight exaggeration) and hopped onto the scale.  It showed I had gained 6/10th of a pound.    

Hey, it could have been worse if I had been wearing a bra!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Relay for Life

I did the survivor's walk at the Relay For Life last Saturday.  What a special event!  This was my second time to walk as a survivor.  So here's to all you cancer survivors out there....CLINK!

DH (Dear Hubby) is walking with me.  The caregivers were given a white ribbon with a rhinestone to wear.  They walked with the survivors. 

We finished the first lap.  There's a tee shirt and medal given to all the survivors each year.  A survivor friend walked with me later.  I told her we needed to go to the survivor booth for her tee shirt and medal.  She didn't think she needed a tee shirt because she got one last year.  I insisted and told her she'll be getting one every year for a long time!!

These photos are courtesy of my friend, Leslie Dorn.  Thanks, Leslie.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

I'm free!! I'm free!!

I had my last cancer treatment yesterday.  WooHoo!!  It’s been a long year and a half. 

Saturday, June 18, 2011

I've Been Featured.....

I'm pleased to report that I've been featured on a wonderful blog.  You can access it at

She does beautiful quilting and her blog is so interesting.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Come Sit.......

This is my latest project.  Last year I painted this child's chair and painted the script, "Come sit where garden angels sing."  I left it outside through the winter.  As a result the paint on the seat wore off from the elements.  Rather than repaint it I decided to give it a cushion.

First I made a plant holder from chicken wire.  I cut the wire about four inches larger than the seat.  I folded up the edges approximately two inches and secured the corners with the ends of the cut wire.  I laid cardboard in the wire 'basket' and nailed the whole thing to the seat.

Then I purchased fourteen 4 inch pots of Irish and Scotch moss.  I tore two of the plants into small pieces and pushed them through the chicken wire edges.  I took the rest of the plants out of the pots, tore off about an inch of the bottom dirt and roots so that they would fit lower in the basket and laid them very snugly into the basket.  I watered the whole thing and .....TaDa!....I was done. 

Recycling is SO much fun!  This project is definitely easy.  Try it for your own angel garden.  

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Will It Never End??

We've been landscaping our new 'blank palette' yard for 3 1/2 years.  We're getting so old and slow that I'm beginning to wonder if it will ever be finished in our lifetimes.  Our back yard and side yards are going to be all wood chips, shrubs, perennials, vines, paths and patios.  No lawn to mow. 

I did score some great finds recently.  I discovered a nursery near us that offered 50% off all plants over Memorial Day weekend.  I bought three large rhodys, fuchsias, Irish moss and several pot stuffers.  Another nursery had 20% off all their vines.  I got a wisteria, climbing hydrangea and Boston ivy.  I also posted an ad asking for free or reasonably priced shrubs on Craigs List.  I received an email yesterday from a sweet woman who offered two Rose of Sharon bushes and a climbing hydrangea.  Then she threw in a box full of hen and chickens for free. 

Excuse me while I go find some liniment for my back!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Need Yard Magic

So little energy and so much to do.  Our landscaping has come a long way since we moved into this new house 3 1/2 years ago, but it still isn't to the point that we can just sit and enjoy it.  (Does it ever get to that point?)  We decided to fill the yard with wood chips, shrubs and perennials thinking that there would be very little work when it was finished.  It still isn't finished and the work goes on.  We put cardboard under the wood chips to keep the weeds at bay.  Still have weeds.  Nobody told me they would grow in wood chips! 

The deer have pruned a few of our trees and shrubs.  Hubby had to put chicken wire around one of his apple trees to keep the deer from eating it.  We close all the gates to our back yard at night so they can't come in, but sometimes they come in during the day and look at us as if to ask, "What are you doing in my yard?"  A few days ago  hubby was looking back at something while he was walking and nearly ran into a buck. 

I'm tired just thinking about all this.  I think I'll go take a nap.  More later.

Monday, May 30, 2011

New Bird In Our Yard

My husband is the main bird watcher at our house.  He gets so excited when he sees the birds returning in the spring.  This year we have one that we haven't seen before.  It's a Western Tangier.  The male is much more colorful than the female.  Figures.  Don't they always have to show off?  Here is a photo of the male.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Home decor

Found items can not only be used to create garden art, but also decorative and useful items for inside your home.  For this easy-to-make piece I glued two light blue tea light candle holders bottom to bottom, then glued them to an upside down clear glass saucer.  I topped it with a vintage milk glass saucer.  I added a row of rhinestones for a little glitter.  It can be used or a candy dish, trinket dish or a catch-all for jewelry..  Great for an unusual decor item in  your home or as a gift for that special person in your life.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Garden sign

It's the middle of May and still raining.  It was 48 degrees this morning when I got up.  Unbelievable!!  I'm ready for a long hot summer!  I planted sweet peas two months ago and there's no sign of them peeking out of the ground yet. 

I love making humorous garden/yard signs.  They're easy to make and they put smiles on visitor's faces.  All you need is a board, a stake and paint.  I used a paint pen.  Below is a photo of one of them.  Others I've made include the message:  Garden of Weedin' and Frog Parking - All Others Will Be Toad.  Put this on your to-do list for an easy, fun project.

You can see this sign and more garden items in my etsy shop.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Woolgatherer

They say I’m a dreamer
indulging in idle fancies;
a woolgatherer
who observes the world through
a rose-tinted mist.

I’m told I don’t view reality,
but do they notice
the tiny sprout peeking
through early spring earth,
the intricate lace that spiders spin,
cloud works-of-art in a sunset sky?

Do they visit exotic lands
from a fireside chair,
revel in a future
full of impossible dreams?

I’m a woolgatherer;
a dreamer, indulging in idle fancies,
perceiving worlds they never see.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Spring Has Sprung!!

What a beautiful afternoon!!  Are any of you Washingtonians tired of the cold, rainy days?  I know we should be thankful that we haven't had the terrible storms that some of the rest of the country has had, but still it gets a little tiresome. 

Some of my favorite handcrafted garden items has been my solar lights.  The first time I saw the glow after dark I was SO excited.  I craft the base and container for them with found glass objects; then insert the solar light.  After I made the first one I just had to make another.  I have used a clear glass lid on top so that the light can easily be replaced if necessary.