Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bottle Bug Tutorial

It's been several days since I've posted here.  Sometimes life just gets in the way.  Our beautiful thirteen year old great-granddaughter died last Friday after being in a coma most of the week.  She died from heart failure.

So, finally, here's a tutorial for making the bottle bugs.  I think each crafter does it a little differently, but this is my method, at least for this one.

Glass bottle - any size
Wire - I used 30.5 m steel wire
Adhesive for glass - I used GE Silicone for Windows & Doors
Round flat object for face - I used a large flat marble
2 small round pieces for eyes - On this one I used tiny glass mirrors
 Needle nose pliers

Cut the screen into the shape of wings (all one piece).  Make a fold in the center.

 Cut a piece of wire long enough to go around the bottle neck plus two or three inches for feet.  Run the two ends of the wire through the top of folded wings and draw tight.  Wrap it around the bottle neck and twist tightly using needle nose pliers.  Bend the ends for feet, cutting the wire ends if necessary.

 Cut another wire long enough to go around the bottle neck plus several inches.  This will be the the feelers.  Wrap the wire around the bottle from the bottom to the top, run the ends through the screen and pull tight.  Twist tightly as you did for the feet.  Cut the wire to the desired length.  With the needle nose pliers make a small circle at each wire end.

Cut one more wire for the hanger.  Wrap it around the bottle as you did the others, twist tightly and make a loop on the end for hanging.  Glue the large round piece to the bottle mouth.  Glue the eyes on.....

...and you're done!  Hang outdoors or in.  If hanging outside be sure to use an adhesive for outdoor use.
You can decorate the wings if you so desire.  Paint them, put rhinestones on them or whatever your imagination conjures up.

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