Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Come Sit.......

This is my latest project.  Last year I painted this child's chair and painted the script, "Come sit where garden angels sing."  I left it outside through the winter.  As a result the paint on the seat wore off from the elements.  Rather than repaint it I decided to give it a cushion.

First I made a plant holder from chicken wire.  I cut the wire about four inches larger than the seat.  I folded up the edges approximately two inches and secured the corners with the ends of the cut wire.  I laid cardboard in the wire 'basket' and nailed the whole thing to the seat.

Then I purchased fourteen 4 inch pots of Irish and Scotch moss.  I tore two of the plants into small pieces and pushed them through the chicken wire edges.  I took the rest of the plants out of the pots, tore off about an inch of the bottom dirt and roots so that they would fit lower in the basket and laid them very snugly into the basket.  I watered the whole thing and .....TaDa!....I was done. 

Recycling is SO much fun!  This project is definitely easy.  Try it for your own angel garden.  

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