Friday, April 27, 2012

Can't Stop Gawking

I've discovered two sites lately where I'm spending way too much time looking and drooling.  One, which most of you probably know about, is  I've joined but haven't posted much because I'm still trying to find my way around.  That is on my soon-to-do list.

The other site is  I could spend hours gawking at these to sites.  In fact, I have.  I've seen dozens of crafts that I would like to try, but I'm too busy gawking.

I've been so anxious to start other craft projects other than garden art and cake pedestals.  I'm not giving up those items, but have so many ideas for home decor, paper products, jewelry.  There's so much to do, so little time....after spending hours on the computer.

Stay tuned for new eye candy.  I'll get busy soon. 

1 comment:

  1. Hey Daydreams and Dust Bunnies....

    I had no idea you lived near me... :-)

    We should get together sometime if you are interested. ??

    Maybe you would like to discover the forest sometime? connie