Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Do you remember the hen & chicks/sedum planter that was one of my projects in September, 2011?  This is the way it looks now.  The wire planter is totally invisible.

As if October, 2012 we will have lived at this location five years.  We've been working on landscaping ever since.  We're getting old and tired. It's been slow going even though we've made a lot of headway from a bare building site to a yard almost full of shrubs, flowers, flowering trees and fruit trees.

The rhodys are blooming along the driveway,

as well as peonies....


snowball tree....

and ninebark.

Sometime in the next month I hope to finish a pathway that I've begun and start another one on the other side of the dry river bed.  Hubby built a 2' x 16' raised bed adjoining the front porch.  We've planted a dwarf rhody, a dwarf nandina, two cinquefoils, an evergreen azaela, two heathers and two geraniums.  The geraniums will spend the winter in the garage.  The cinquefoils are questionable for that bed.  I'll see how they look this winter.  I would like to have all, or mostly, evergreen plants there.

More to come so stay posted.  Now, please excuse me while I go take a couple of aspirins and rub my sore joints with arthritis salve.


  1. Gorgeous flowers! The peonies are my favorite and in Arizona I can not grow any in my garden.
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  2. Hi!
    Beautiful flowers. The peonies are my favourite - unfortunately most of ours didn't survive the recent rainstorms...
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    Thank you, Duni - via Etsy Blog Team

  3. I love your hens and chicks, the sedum goes so well with them and fills out the plantar! Reminds me of my mom's garden. If you want to read my sad garden story, visit me here: http://marylandquilter.blogspot.com/

    thanks, Jamie- via Etsy Blog Team

  4. Hi,
    Love the flowers, especially the rhodys!

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    - Katie ( Running With A Glue Gun )

  5. Love your flowers! I prefer to cultivate plants that can be eaten (yeah, because I love to eat ;), but still I must say your plants look gorgeous!

    Isabel- via Etsy Blog Team and your follower