Saturday, February 8, 2014

Sea Breezes

Silent breezes
tease a sheer curtain
in the seaside cottage.
Seagull cries
blend with waves
on the shore.

Mingling scents
of seaweed
and garden roses
calm the senses.

At dusk the sky is brushed
with purple and red,
intensifying with each stroke
as the hues spill into the bay.

Across the island
a snow capped mountain
becomes cotton candy pink
as the moon rises behind
silhouetted trumpeter swans
on their journey to water.

Sea breezes
whisper secrets
through fir and madrona trees
as retiring waves say goodnight
to the shore.
                        ©2011 Laura Crumm


  1. Beautiful writing and beautiful photos. Makes me wish that summer would get here real soon!