Saturday, April 5, 2014

I'm Back!

After over a month of battling health problems...a new knee for me in March and a heart attack for my husband this week...I'm back on the computer again.  Hubby is home, but isn't out of the woods yet so I might not be very active for awhile. I hope to pop in here once in awhile with some news and info on new projects and etsy listings.  If I'm rambling it's because I'm still on pain pills and exhausted from hanging around the hospital three days watching and waiting for news.  Thank God, our daughter drove here from Seattle and acted as my chauffeur. I can't drive until I see my surgeon in a couple weeks.  And thank God for some wonderful doctors and nurses in the Bellingham, WA hospital!  They're awesome!


  1. I hope the both of you will be fine soon!

  2. I hope both of you get well soon. It's so good that your daughter was able to help out and be there for you. Take care of yourselves and get good rest.
    Hoping for a quick recovery. You will both be back on your feet soon. =0)

  3. I've been watching to see when you were back. I knew that would be a good sign that things had reached some normalcy...whatever that is! So glad "hubby" is out of the woods for now and that "daughter" was able to help out. I know it was a big help and comfort to have her there. Keep up the PT on that knee and you'll be up and going in no time.