Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Beach Art

Drifting scent of seaweed 
repugnant to the unaccustomed,
to me, is sweet perfume.

This flora of water’s garden
reveals a tapestry too intricate
to be crafted by human culture.

Sculptured writing on the shore,
penned by the tide, rising, receding,
is not limited to capabilities of mortals.

Raging turbulence,
striking the base of craggy bluffs,
gives undue glory to its power.

As a blanket of dusk unfolds,
absence of daytime’s blaze
creates an aura of solace…

and silent memories linger.

©Laura Crumm 2014



  1. Great blog! Found you on the Etsy blog team! Excited to be your newest follow :)


  2. Nice! We just went to the beach, so I enjoyed your writing!