Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tuesday's Project

Where does the time go?  Between med appointments, volunteering, gardening  and general housework I've been trying to get some new garden art put together for my etsy shop as well as for my own use.  Last week a dear friend brought me nineteen plants from her beautiful gardens, all rooted and potted in little nursery pots just like downtown so DH and I did a lot of digging.  Thank you, Ann.  You're wonderful.

A couple of years ago somebody shared some of her large stash of stained glass with me.  I keep thinking I want to get into mosaics.  So far there have been too many other projects to keep me busy.  Last night I got out a wooden panel that I had found in a thrift shop.  It has a tree design made by little holes in the wood.  I glued various shades of stained glass pieces behind it for a colorful autumn effect.  Keep in mind that this is my first ever stained glass project.  I have a lot to learn about cutting glass, but I'm happy with it, warts and all.  As you can see there are slight gaps in the bottom of the trunk.  The white spots in the leaves are the way the camera saw it, not gaps.  I'm going to hang it on a trellis in a flower bed by my front porch.

For those of you who diligently read my blog (are there any of you out there), here's hoping you won't have to wait two weeks for my next post.    


  1. Very nice job! And...yes I look at your blog site EVERY DAY (throat clearing) to see if you've written anything new.