Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Winter Has Arrived!

It's here. It's been snowing the last few days in this normally mild-winter climate Washington state. It's beautiful, but I wish it wouldn't snow on the streets. It's cramping my style. I drove downtown yesterday....very carefully. Haven't ventured out at all today, but I did tromp through the snow long enough to get a few photos.

This is our Witch Hazel in full bloom. I love the winter blooming plants and shrubs.

Close up shot of the Witch Hazel blossoms.

Winter Jasmine. I want one of these on each side of the house, one near the dining room window.

I like the black and white appearance of this Japanese Maple photo.

And one more across our back yard and the city property across the fence.

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  1. I had to chuckle when I saw your picture of the "Japanese Maple". Years ago we had an elderly couple for neighbors and they had a beautiful ornamental tree in a landscaped area next to their house. It was so beautiful with color variations thoughout the year that I decided to inquire about what type of tree they had planted. They looked puzzled for a moment and then with all confidence announced it was a "Chinese Redbud". Now living in the Redbud State, it seemed like a reasonable response. However, after a little research I determined their tree had an oriental name all right...but it was a Japanese Maple, not a Chinese Redbud. We still laugh about that!