Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Grandma's sewing machine

Many years ago I brought home my grandmother's very old White treadle sewing machine. It wasn't in very good condition. Some of the veneer had come off. I sold the sewing machine head and kept the cabinet thinking that some day I would decide what to do with it. Well, a few days ago a neighbor offered to give me a table for my craft room. The only place I could put it was where I kept the sewing machine.

We have a friend who is a carpenter. Let me rephrase that statement. He's a wood artist. He's repurposing the cabinet into a buffet table for our dining room. It's going to be SO COOL! He has already taken it apart and what really excites me is that he was able to remove a ruler in one piece that was attached to the top of the cabinet. The numbers on the ruler are ingrained. He's going to leave it in it's original condition and attach it to the front of the finished buffet. You can watch the progression at

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