Sunday, November 4, 2012

Standing Guard

A few months ago I made a garden guy to stand guard at the end of our driveway.  He's holding a house number  sign.  For Halloween I decided to give him a pumpkin hat and a jack-o-lantern.  

As some of you know, creating garden art and cake dessert/pedestals is my hobby of choice at the moment.  I had planned to give it up a year ago because my craft/junk room is a sight to behold... and not in a good way.  Now I realize I'm so addicted that I need intervention.  Oh, well, hubby has gotten to the point that he ignores it, or at least he doesn't complain about it.  He probably thinks it's a lost cause.

Here's my garden guy.  He's made of a tall wrought iron candle holder (painted blue), metal pipe for arms, a coffee pot for the head and a light shade for the hat (underneath the plastic pumpkin hat).



  1. very cute! I hope he's doing a good job guarding your garden!

  2. Yes, he is. After this month the pumpkins will go. Then I'll need to think of something for December.

  3. Think Poinsettia garden plate and twinkle lights for December. You might be able to find reindeer antlers or Santa's hat for your little guard person. I think it's an adorable idea!