Monday, April 15, 2013

Garden Art

I've really been lax in posting here lately.  Still fighting fatigue from 'the bug'.  So many things to do and so little energy.  My energy level is about minus 10.

Today I did get some of my garden art pieces to a nursery that was interested in purchasing them. I took 3 bird baths and 2 garden totems.  They purchased them all.  If they sell I'll be taking more to them.  I just need to get more made.  I want to make some solar lights and garden ladies. Here are a couple of the bird baths.  I'm searching for photos of the other one and the two totems.  I thought I had taken photos of all my garden art, but maybe a missed a few. 



  1. Theses are so pretty! I love the red roses and have a collection of dishes something like these.

  2. Your birdbaths would make any yard more enjoyable! Love the one with the swans! How wonderful that you're working with the nursery -- here's to great sales!

  3. Thanks to both of you. It's a fun hobby.