Thursday, April 18, 2013

Jigsaw Puzzle Picture

My husband received a jigsaw puzzle as a gift.  He spent quite some time last winter putting it together.  It was so beautiful when it was finished that we decided to frame it.  We hadn't framed a jigsaw picture before so I searched the web to get instructions.

First we had to get all the pieces stuck together.  I used Mod Podge for this step.  I poured it on in strips across the finished puzzle.  Then I used an old card, similar to a credit card to spread it evenly over the puzzle.  Any excess was scraped off.  I put a second coat on after the first one was dry. 

Next he went to the lumber yard and purchased lumber to make the frame.  After he had it built he brought in stain samples to get my opinion on the best one to use.  When he showed me the one you see in the finished product I told him THAT WAS THE ONE!  I thought it was perfect

I purchased a foam core to to fit the frame.  He slipped the puzzle onto the foam core and attached the frame.  It's now hanging on our living room wall.  This project was so rewarding.  If you have a jigsaw enthusiast in your family, give it a try.  It would make a great gift.


  1. I agree that is the perfect color frame. It matches the colors on the bird beautifully but still gives it a nice outer edge. I've never framed a puzzle before, but I like your mil is a puzzle enthusiast. Good idea for a gift for Mother's day.

  2. We love jigsaw puzzles. Haven't framed one yet, but thought about it. Great job!

  3. Lovely idea to frame jigsaw puzzles! This way you get something you can keep forever! Thank you for being the first to comment on my blog (littledoolally) :)