Saturday, May 18, 2013

New Garden Art

I've been busy trying to get enough garden art made to list on etsy as well as some larger items to sell, hopefully, to local nurseries.  There are times when I wish I could be cured of this addiction when I have to tiptoe through the glassware on my studio floor.  When most people see vases, candle holders, plates and dishes I see glass flowers, bird baths, totems and solar lights.  

I've been wanting to open another etsy shop for paper, wall decor, note cards, etc., but I can't find the time.  Maybe this fall I can slack off on the garden art a little and concentrate on the paper crafts.  

Here's some garden items that I finished this week.

Vintage amber glass solar light

Bird Bath

Solar light
Sweet Garden Lady


  1. Really like the bird bath. Those were some nice touches on the garden lady. The little green bubbles/beads look like they are part of the hem of her dress to me. Very creative touch!

  2. Such creative work! Why would you want to slow down??? I'm really just teasing, you likely work way too much. I love the bird bath but the solar lights are both pretty and practical.