Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Slagit Valley Tulip Fields

It's been a month since I posted here.  Not from lack of interest, but mostly because I wasn't able to access my blog.  It was a simple problem with a simple solution.  Thanks, Ernie, for the solution.  

I live near the Skagit Valley in western Washington state.  This is where tulips are grown and shipped all over the world, even HOLLAND!!  Can you believe that??  Each year the area holds a tulip festival that lasts all through April.  The acres of tulips fields blooming in various colors is a sight to behold.  Over the last 15 or 20 years they have grown into a worldwide attraction.  According to an article in our local newspaper there were 50 states represented by visitors and 81 other countries this year.  Feast your eyes on a few photos I took.


  1. What incredible fields of tulips! I didn't know your area is Tulip Central. I couldn't get a tulip to thrive in my clay soil here in Central Valley, California, so thank you for the vicarious thrill.

  2. Ernie says "you are welcome"! Beautiful pics.