Thursday, August 28, 2014

Sultry Summer Sun

sultry summer sun
lazy days
basking in the hot 
gleaming rays

sunrise early morn
golden dawn
children running through
sprinkled lawn

sultry summer sun
rising high
cotton fluffs adorn
cobalt sky

gentle waves play tag 
on the shore
seagulls ride the breeze
eagles soar

fall will soon be here
leaves ablaze
vivid hues replace
summer days.

©2012 Laura Crumm


  1. I like the image that poem conjures up in my mind. Very nice use of descriptive words. Not sure, but we may have skated by with only a few days of 100's temperature. Looking forward to Fall here in the Heartland - only about 3 more weeks!

  2. Great poems and what a great representation of summer!