Saturday, January 31, 2015

Mother Nature Confused Winter or Spring

I love seeing the flowers bloom in our yard this time of year...witch hazel, winter jasmine, rhododendrons....Wait...WHAT!??  Rhodys don't bloom this time of year!  But there they are, just like they know what they're doing.  Every day I see more blossoms on the rhody bush that's blooming, standing proudly by the witch hazel.  We have, obviously, had a very mild winter.  All our spring bulbs are out of the ground and several inches tall.  Amid all this I see on TV the terrible storms on the east coast and the freezing temperatures that so much of the country has endured.  However, winter isn't over yet, so I shouldn't crow too loudly.  Our time might be coming.   


  1. Gorgeous blooms! We had a slow, steady rain all down yesterday...but we are on mandatory outside water restriction and even that rain wasn't enough to help end the drought. I'm looking forward to Spring...and hopefully some nice Spring rains.

  2. What beautiful flowers! I wish something around here would bloom this time of year. But we got a foot of snow this week, so no chances quite yet!